Vlad was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania. In 2007 he moved to Cornwall to study engineering and heavy plant operations. After gaining qualifications in a myriad of areas, he eventually settled down to teach engineering at Duchy College, Cornwall.

He happened to hear an interview on the radio with Cathleen just after she returned from her Scotland adventure and was amazed to meet her a few days later in his land landy’s kitchen. Cathleen’s tales of adventures on horseback appealed to Vlad’s own sense of adventure - he’d done several long distance kayak journeys on the Danube River over the years. When Cathleen headed off on her second major adventure to Ireland Vlad decided to go with her for the first few hundred miles and see what travelling on horseback was like, even though he’d never ridden a horse before. It wasn’t long before he was hooked and had fallen in love, both with horseback travel, and with Cathleen.