15.2hh Ardennes x.

Likes: cows; gazing into the middle distance at nothing for hours on end whilst contemplating life and the Universe; scratches under his belly and down his legs.

Dislikes: strange people riding him.

Role: first in command and boss of everyone else.

Temperament: easy-going and relazed; philosophical day-dreamer; emotionally astute; slow and steady; secret worrier.

About Taliesin: Taliesin was born in France and was destined for slaughter. One day while browsing the internet looking for some cats to rescue, I stumbled across a website advertising horses for sale that would otherwise end up in the abattoir. There were dozens of horses - old, young, and lots of little foals whose lives had barely begun. I fell in love with two foals who were little more than eight months old. One was Taliesin. Going against everyone’s advice and common sense, I bought them. Neither had been handled and I had no previous experience of feral horses, but I muddled through and trained them both myself. Surprisingly, Taliesin has turned out just fine and is a lovely horse to ride.

Journeys: Taliesin carried packs 300 miles around the South West in 2016; carried me 1,000 miles from Scotland to Cornwall in 2017.