Late in the summer of 2017, I finally took the plunge and set off to realise a childhood dream: to travel Britain on horseback. 


I started my journey in Durness, the north-western most town on British mainland, and rode 1,000 miles alone and unsupported all the way back to my home in Cornwall, relying on the kindness and hospitality of complete strangers along the way. I used the journey to raise money for the Riding for the Disabled Association. To find out more about the journey, please purchase my book Before Winter Comes. 

Photos from the journey can be found below.

The author with Spirit and Taliesin near the start of their journey

Chapter 2: 'Ailbhe was a pretty little Haflinger mare, standing no more than 14 hh high'


Chapter 2: 'The freedom Ailbhe brought me was utterly intoxicating. This was true happiness' 

Chapter 2: 'they had been bred for meat and were being fattened for slaughter' 

Taliesin & Oisín

Chapter 4: The track to Cashel Dhu 

Chapter 5: 'Taliesin was tired so I led him most of the way, and whenever we stopped to admire the view or catch our breath his bottom lip drooped, his eyes glazed over, and he dozed off' 

Chapter 5: Camping at Mudale

Chapter 5: The author wearing a midge net

Taliesin modelling his hi-viz gear

Chapter 7: Strathcarron

Chapter 7: 'A spirited-looking bright bay foal with a white five-pointed star on his brow and little black socks'

Chapter 7: '..and a forlorn-looking chestnut with a dark blond main and tail and a large white diamond in the middle of his forehead'

Chapter 9: 'boggy, rock-strewn hills clad in purple heather rose up to our right, and to our left the land fell sharply away to the shores of Loch Eriboll'

Spirit resting

One tired wolf

Restocking our supplies at the shop in Cannich

Chapter 11: coming up the Corrieyairack Pass

Coming down the Corrieyairack Pass

Chapter 13: 'We stayed for two nights at a Bed and Breakfast near Bridge of Balgie'

A churchyard in Glen Lyon


Chapter 14: the burial ground near Callander


Chapter 14: Taliesin in the ruined chapel near Callander
Crossing the border at Gretna Green

Chapter 22: 'I could just make out the mountains of the Lake District away to the south-west - dark and featureless shapes in the strange atmosphere' 

The hazy Pennines
Chapter 22: 'Leaving the road behind, we braved another bridleway which brought us right up to the door of a spooky old camping barn'
Taliesin trying to get into the camping barn
Chapter 23: 'Rolling green pastures full of sheep and dairy cows, all enclosed by neat, dry-stone walls'
Chapter 23: the Crown in Horton in Ribblesdale
The Pennine Bridleway
Chapter 27: 'Yellow-grey grasses on bare hillsides stood out stark against the vivid green fields of the settled valleys below us'
Janine's lovely house near Buxton
Chapter 29: Cannock Chase
Chapter 29: the autumn harvest at Vale Head Farm
Chapter 33: Taliesin on Cleeve Common in hurricane Ophelia
Chapter 34: The author and Guy at the Glastonbury Faerie Ball
Chapter 35: Bedding down for the night in front of the fire at the Conquest Centre
Chapter 36: Billy the goat and Tony the buck-toothed llama
Chapter 36: 'The next day we crossed over into Devon'
Leaving our second to last stop for the night with Emma Bowyer
Chapter 37: 'Eventually we arrived at Horsebridge where, crossing the River Tamar, we found ourselves back in Cornwall'
Taliesin resting after his long journey