15.hh Breton.

Likes: food; scratches; praise; more food; rolling in feed buckets.

Dislikes: being separated from his herd for too long.

Role: second in command. Likes to pretend he’s the boss until there’s a crisis, then defers to Taliesin.

Temperament: cheeky; fun-loving; happy-go-lucky; full of himself; ruled by his stomach.

About Oisín: Oisín was born in France and destined for slaughter. He was rescued at the same time as Taliesin. Of the two foals he was the easier to train due to his love of food and eagerness to please. Oisín is a nice, sensitive ride, and a hard and willing worker - but if he thinks his rider is not paying attention then he will take advantage andl stop to eat. He’s sensible and bomb-proof in traffic, and a happy traveller - just so long as he has equine company.

Journeys: Oisín carried me 100 miles to Land’s End in 2016, and 300 miles around the South West; he carried Vlad 1,000 miles from Cornwall to Pembrokeshire and then all around Ireland in 2018.