10.hh jennet/hinny - but mostly referred to as a mule.

Likes: rolling in dirt and sand - especially when out and about; pecking Taliesin’s hocks; scratches on his chest and sometimes around his ears; food.

Dislikes: Vlad - and most other humans who are not Cathleen, but especially Vlad.

Role: in a league of his own.

Temperament: willful; opinionated; highly intelligent; obstinate; does what he likes.

About Micheál: Micheál joined our fellowship in County Clare, not far from Limerick when Vlad and I were half way around Ireland in 2018. We bought him for €50 because we felt sorry for him. He was barely handled, only had one eye, and he wasn’t too keen on people at all. He begrudgingly joined the journey and accepted me as his chosen human and to this day refuses all contact with most others.

Journeys: Micheál carried packs for 300 miles from County Clare to Malin Head in Donegal.