15.hh Welsh Cob x Warmblood.

Likes: cuddles and fuss.

Dislikes: strange humans; drains; flapping plastic; non-flapping plastic.

Role: third in command and the baby of the herd.

Temperament: worrier; prone to panicking; mistrustful of people and drains; very sweet, affectionate, and willing if you can gain his trust.

About Dakota Dakota was such a nervous young horse that if I hadn’t agreed to have him, he would have been shot. I spent months working to gain his trust and for several years I was the only person who could handle him. When he was four, I backed him and began riding him. Following a slight disagreement about speed and direction - which ended in me trying to dismount at a gallop and breaking my collarbone - I lost my confidence in Dakota and hardly rode him after that. In 2018 Taliesin went lame just before the Ireland trip and there was no choice but to throw Dakota in at the deep end for a much-needed education. Luckily the risky move paid off and Dakota turned into a lovely little travel horse.

Journeys: Dakota carried me and packs 1,000 miles from Cornwall to Pembrokeshire, then all around Ireland in 2018.