I was born near London to an American mother and an Irish father. Although I grew up in urban landscapes, I've always had a love for nature and the outdoors and many long hours of my childhood were spent day-dreaming about travelling the world on horseback. I was seventeen when I finally got a horse of my own and by the time I was eighteen I’d also acquired two unhandled foals from a meat farm in France.

In 2010 I left home and moved to Cornwall with my beloved horses in tow, where I began to chase my dreams of horseback travel in earnest. Several failed attempts and some short, but difficult, journeys later and I was ready to abandon those dreams - but the itchy feet refused to go away. Finally in the late summer of 2017, I mustered up enough courage to have my beloved French draught horse, Taliesin, transported up to Durness in the Northwest of Scotland and we began our 1,000 mile long journey all the way back to Cornwall. The completion of this journey saw me become a member of the Long Riders’ Guild - an international organisation for people who have travelled a thousand miles or more on horseback, and the source of most of my inspiration.

Just eight months after returning from the Scotland journey, I set off on another adventure riding from Cornwall to Wales, and then travelling from the Southernmost point in Ireland, to the Northernmost point on my second 1,000 mile long journey. This time I rode with my boyfriend, Vlad, taking my other two horses, Oisín and Dakota. Unable to settle back into a ‘normal’ existence after the completion of that journey, it wasn’t long before Vlad and I set off on another epic adventure. At the end of 2019, we sold up everything we owned and set off for Portugal with all our animals. Our plan was to ride several thousand miles across Europe to Romania.


Along with my love for horses, I also enjoy playing the fiddle. I played with original Folk Rock band, Love Street, for three years, recording in world famous studios, working with award-winning producers, and touring around Europe. I've also gigged and recorded with renowned singer/songwriter Tony Hazzard. In 2016, realising that a musical career and horseback travel were quite incompatible, I left Love Street in order to pursue my dreams of travelling the world with my horses.